2015 & 2016 Placements


I am very glad to be a part of Master Aviation Academy. Faculty expertise & facilities are a huge advantage.MAA has played a very big role in shaping my personality & created a good career for me.

Shaik. Munna  

I am Munna, very thankful to all the faculty members of the Academy who have helped me become a successful & professional person.

D.Vijay Kumar Nayak  

"If you want to be a Aviation professional, Master Aviation Academy has an outstanding staff and curriculum that will prepare you for the demands of an aviation career with the training required to be successful in the airline industry."

T.Poojitha Singh  

"Master Aviation Academy Ground Staff Course program gave me the skills and proficiency level required to succeed as a Aviation professional. It's the ideal place to get started on an enjoyable and rewarding career in aviation."

Mounica Priyanka  

“I’d like to thank Master Aviation Academy for being the best at what they do. I’m positive that if I hadn’t studied at Master Aviation Academy and received the best training in the India, things would have probably been very different. Keep up the good work and again THANK YOU.”


“The technical knowledge, skills, and professional core values that I obtained while studying at Master Aviation Academy have allowed me to meet the highest standards of performance throughout my career. Thanks for your training than placement”

B.Rani Anusha  

I am very grateful to the faculty members of the Academy as they always guided us towards success. I could notice so many changes in myself after joining the Academy as it helped me in improve my knowledge, communication, skills & confidence.


As a Master Aviation Academy student I obtain profound ground training by competent instructors who established their knowledge in Airline business.


Before I came here, my confidence level was very low, but now it has increased and the faculty is very nice and very friendly. I am feeling very good to be part of this academy.


After joining this academy I feel more confidence in me. We have got a very friendly faculty.

Kamal Hasan  

After joining this academy I feel more confidence in me. We have got a very friendly faculty.